Stories for Mom
Box in leather and walnut veneer
Full leather box with onlay work
Enclosure for DC comic manuscript
full leather portfolio for autograph document
Box in stone veneer
Opera Posthuma
Custom box
Portfolio with flaps
Custom book box
Custom box
Andersen box
2D document presentation
Design binding in its box
Roman diplomas
Gaspard, Melchior et Balthazar
Deluxe menu holders for restaurant
Solander box in stone veneer
Custom binding with debossed design
Solander box in full wood
Box for book + letter
Diary of a young girl
Karl Lagerfeld
Le Vieux Montmartre
Book clutch
Box with leather onlay work
Custom box for first edition James Bond
Box in wood veneer
Personalised business card holder
Russian letterings
Box for a book and a letter
Coin case
Design binding
Personalised business card holder
Leather onlay design
Custom box
Custom boxes
Box with window
Custom boxes for antiquarian books
Variety of letterings for custom boxes
Full leather box with gold tooled child's drawing
Custom boxes with gold tooling
Archival albums
Design binding
Custom solander box
Personalised business card holder
Solnder box for several Dickens volumes
Stories for Mom
Box for art
Full cloth solander box
Custom boxes in Japanese cloth
Custom bindings and splicase
Exclusive certificate holders
Decorative book box
Custom binding in leather
Custom menus
Book box in wood veneer
Guest book for hotel
Melinex album
Design binding
Synthèse du Costume théâtral
Custom box