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Lucien Laforge)

(Henri Goulet, Paris, 1924)


Bound by Benjamin Elbel, Haarlem, November 2019

Size : 229,5 x 284 x 20 mm 


Japanese binding in full leather ‘Pixel’ boards and spine, edge to edge leather doublures and suede flyleaves. The squares making up the boards (‘Pixels’) are individually adorned with line stamping. I chose an effect that could be described as ‘moiré’, where I stamped each square twice, each time in a more or less horizontal fashion but with a slight angle between the two pulls, creating a vibrating effect, slightly different every time. I used two different colour combinations in the same colour family, one being lighter (pink + red) than the other one (red + purple), and distributed them throughout the back board, spine and front board in such a way that a full stylized alphabet would emerge from the composition, however at second glance only.

The covering leather is Burgundy veg-tanned calf, edge to edge doublures are in the same calf in Petrol blue, and flyleaves are orange pig suede lined with Burgundy paper. The head and tail panels were made in yellow goat and the sewing thread was dyed as close as possible to the covering leather so it would blend into the composition and not stand out.

375 squares in total.


Quarter goat solander box with flat spine and faux-suede linings


Photographs by Jan Van Schooten and Ben Elbel

This binding is for sale. Contact ben@elbel-libro for more information

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