Bookspots - Spain




       Raima (Flagship store)
       Comtal 27
       08002 Barcelona

Raima is a collection of specialty stationery stores located in Barcelona. The main store has a wide variation of papers, stationery items and artist supplies.


       La Dominoteria                                                                            
       C/ Agustin Querol 5, Local A
       28014 Madrid

Shop with wide collection of papers from all over the world. *Recommended by Maria Romero Acosta

       Sofia Paper store                                                                 
       Centro Comercial El Jardin de Serrano
       Calle Goya 6-8, Madrid

Paper shop. *Recommended by Vera Schwamborn, Carta Pura

       Palma Papel                                                          
       Calle de la Palma 34
       28004 Madrid

Shop with stationery items and papers from all over the world.

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