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Boven Kamers (litterally upper rooms in Dutch, a colloquial expression meaning brain), is an exploration of the human brain in the form of a pop-up book, by the young Dutch designer and publisher Moon Brouwer. The edition consists of 50 copies, with copies 41 to 50 translated to English and specially bound by Elbel Libro. 

The book
With its six pop-ups, Boven Kamers walks you through the different parts and functions of the human brain. First you dive into the oldest, deepest regions where the most basic functions are situated, such as the control of breathing and heart beat. Then you look from above into the specializations of the left and right hemispheres. Finally you see the cortex, the outer layer of the complex functions like planning, reading and writing. The pop-up models in the book are true to size and give, together with the explanation and information, a spectacular insight of the different regions of the human brain.
For the biological information about the brain Moon Brouwer worked with brain scientist Gerard J. Boer, the Dutch Brain Institute and Prof dr. Harry B. M. Uijlings, VUMC.
The pop-ups are laser cut (Ingrid Siliakus, Amsterdam) into 160gsm Fabriano paper and the pages digitally printed onto 200 gsm Fabriano.

The binding
Benjamin created a new binding structure for this book, in which the folios containing the pop-ups are attached only at the fore-edge so that when opening the book, they rise above the binding until totally flat, thus allowing the pop-ups to fully unfold.

The binding uses black board wrapped in Fabriano as main component, both as stiffening boards between the pop ups, and as compensation tabs in the spine and at the fore-edge. This creates a nice pattern on the edges of the book. The spine is lined with black japanese paper and the cover boards in printed bookcloth.

Included in the price

- Pop up book
- Portfolio in black Colorplan with ties, signed by Elbel Libro
- Foam pillows to display the book
- 6% VAT

Shipping by DHL will be charged separately, based on the country of shipping.

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