Metal folder - SOLD OUT



This is a tool specially designed to score paper (creating an indented line in paper to facilitate folding).

Where regular folders are either too soft (Teflon) or too coarse (bone), this one produces a really fine line (but not to the point of cutting), allowing you to fold very accurately.

It is made out of hardened steel and will therefore hold its edge very long

Its small size, rounded end and leather-covered handle makes it a comfortable tool that lies nicely in the hand.

This tool is polished, covered and stamped by us at elbel libro in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Available in black.

 "I've been using the metal folder for several hours a day every day this week...
I love this tool. It is perfect for scoring paper...

I was reluctant to use the metal folder for making paper cases because I thought I'd have to switch to another tool for folding after using the metal folder for scoring - so much more efficient to keep one tool in my hand for the whole process. To my delight, it is great for folding the paper also.

Thanks again for this tool (for making it available to binders in general) ...
The price is absolutely reasonable for professional use of a very useful, finely-crafted, handmade tool."


- Karen Hanmer, USA -

Watch the video to see how to use the tool to score paper. Tip: use a soft board underneath to create a deep score, visible on both sides of the paper.


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