Tutorial: Elbum - NEW


Learn how to make the elbum, a fun and clever album structure which holds its pages by gripping them into a series of articulated narrow pockets. A treasure of paper engineering, this project is also a great introduction to concertina folding by hand.

After an introduction, an overview, a list of materials and equipment, the tutorial describes every single step of the construction, with few words and many large full-colour images. The 52 page tutorial is inkjet printed, in three languages (French, English and Spanish), hand bound by us at Elbel Libro in Amsterdam.
  • Level: easy
  • This project requires a few basic tools and a finishing press
  • A material pack is available for this project at a discounted rate. Select Elbum tutorial + material pack from the drop down menu below.

'The Elbum tutorial looks amazing. My first impression is the incredible details, the many steps you describe and illustrate. I enjoy following it in my mind and am planning to actually make an Elbum.' - Hedi Kyle -

'Cher Benjamin, ton livre sur l'elbum est vraiment très bien fait, textes et photos sont excellents.' - Michel Debar -

'Ben, your latest book was so tempting that I had to start. I have folded the concertina this morning and am so impressed by the precise instructions... And the photographs about how to hold your fingers! It is second best to having a teacher in person. And in some ways even better because you can always go back to the book.’s.'
- Kerstin Engström -



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